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Frequently Asked Questions

Below will be a populated list of commonly asked questions within W.S. Wellons Realty, Inc., WellCo, etc.  Will need the majority of this content provided.

NOTE:  If you have an unanswered question not listed below, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and leave your question in the 'Reply' box.  It will be answered and added to the FAQ database ASAP.

  What are the requirements to rent from W.S. Wellons Realty?

To insure the integrity of our communities and comfort of our residents, WS Wellons Realty conducts a criminal and a background check. We also ask for proof of income that is three times the amount of rent.

  What deposit and application fees are required?

An application fee of $25 is required. Deposits vary by property. Please call any of our rental agents to inquire about a specific property.

  What if I have had a prior bankruptcy or poor credit history?

We understand that unfortunate circumstances can influence a person's credit score, so the credit score is only a portion of the requirement. We consider past rental history and the current financial situation.

  Are the apartments and condos pet friendly?

While we appreciate that our 4 legged friends are members of the family, some of our homes are not designed to meet the needs of pets. WS Wellons does offer some pet friendly homes. Our rental agents would be pleased to check pet friendly availability.

  Are utilities included with the rent?


  Is there a minimum length of time for a lease?

WS Wellons offers 6 or 12 month leases. A 30 day notification is given to allow our residents to renew their lease. Upon the 30 day notification and fulfillment of the lease, the resident may opt to rent on a month to month basis. A month to month basis surcharge is involved.

  Can I break my lease without penalty if the military relocates me?

Yes. With military orders, there is no penalty incurred.

  Does WS Wellons Realty accept co-signer?

We cannot accept a co-signer on a lease at this time.